Monday, March 3, 2014

Cordelia :: I'm New Here

I'll say it again. Newborn photography is an art that I've only dipped my toe into. It's a serious talent. A test of both photographer's and parents' patience and anxiety levels. And while I may never be solely committed [see also: brave] enough to learn the art of Houdini esque baby swaddling and teetering baby head placement, my recent exposure to a close family and friend baby boom has been enough for me to get acquainted with the swoon factor of having a new life in front of my camera, staring back at my lens like a little baby deer. 

And this baby boom and my recent arrival at swoonsville has happened at a very opportune time. WINTER. Ice cold, let your truck heat for 30 minutes, lens fogging, not enough propane in the north east kingdom or your tank to heat your baby toe, polar-vortex winter. So perfectly and luckily, one said baby of the winter baby boom, was born to my twin sister in sunny and warm Scottsdale Arizona!

Miss Cordelia Katharine was born on January 27th to Kate and Brett, one week early and now one month new. A petite power house. A gem of a little lady. A sweet and hilarious little peanut. Love. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello world :: Baby Amos

When people ask me what kind of photography I do, my answer is always "weddings" and "portraits." Never "newborns." In fact, newborn photography is an art that impresses me and baffles me. How did you get that baby to fold up like origami into that tiny little woven sack?! Better question. How did you get that baby to fold up like origami without crying long enough to snap a photo?! Baffling. But, as any person with a heart that beats and a camera that turns on, when given the opportunity to get a new little bean in front of my camera, I jump.

And I lept at the chance to photograph this newest newborn. I have been photographing his beautifully lovely sunshiny growing family for years. So naturally, my camera and I needed to continue this tradition with this addition. 

Ladies and gents, meet Amos. A little stud, just like his older brothers. Another perfect addition, fitting into the mix and movement just like he's always been there. 

But first, a few warm up photos with the big brothers, Wyatt and Hudson. xo.